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move it along please phone now and get fit for life027 301 38 40

Hollywood stars treat training as part of their 10 hour day - and why not - just look at them.

Phone Now, provides motivated training to meet your needs. Phone Now 027 301 38 40.

When and Where? What suits you - what will motivate you?
The great outdoors, a dog park or maybe the Zoo?
Exercise is about spirit - what moves you?

Book now by phoning or emailing
Personal training one hour $70.00 - 1/2 hour $35
Boot camp classes casual $15.00 per session - weekly $27.00 (two sessions per week)
Training solutions where it suits you


"It's Mental over Physical "

Free trial workouts for first timers, make an informed
decision on my services - it's your current shape you've got to


I will try and teach you how to incorporate fitness into your daily approach to life, allowing you to obtain a healthier body through specific exercises with breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and stretches.

You don't need to belong to a gym to get yourself trim.

Watch that dog or cat:

Work on your stretch 6 times a day 5 minutes a time to improve circulation, and energize your mind. I will assist you with your grocery shopping if need be - we will get you in shape and keep you in shape.

Breathing should be:

Conscious breathing brings with it a consciousness of posture, by drawing the shoulder blades together you square your shoulders. This frees the abdominal region of weight and pressure and sets up proper movement of the diaphragm, circulating blood with oxygen.

If your cold:

Inhale and exhale through the nostrils rapidly at first them slower, quick short breathing for 30 seconds - then slow and full breathing for another thirty seconds - repeat until you are warm - seriously this works - army training 101


For an appointment phone now:
027 301 3840.

Ugly task ahead:

Stretch and breath until you have stretched every muscle from loose to taught - breath and expel all the oxygen out of your lungs with in 5 minutes you have replaced ALL carbon with fresh oxygen and can now tackle that awful job that you must get done.

Heavy object:

Take a full breath and hold it while you lift. Most of us only breath half of what we need, disabling the body. Breath out and empty before any task - consciously breath in fully and slowly.

Now all you need is money:

I will help you with the determination, enthusiasm and regularity!

Phone: 027 301 3840

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